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Fic: He Is The Trickster by Lara, PG

Title: He Is The Trickster
Author: Lara
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not much, mention of abortion, hint of Sam/Gabriel at the end
Word Count: 1147
Summary: Gabriel sides with Lucifer and Lucifer doesn't trust him...duh
Disclaimer: Don't own Supernatural; Supernatural needs more Gabriel
Distribution: My site eventually; all others, please ask.
A/N: Written for wtf27 for prompt #26, Spies & Agents

"Not looking so good there, bro."

Lucifer looked up from a desk strewn with arcane reference books and modern blueprints and arched one eyebrow. "This vessel is only a temporary measure."

"Yeah, so I've heard. Also heard you're having some problems acquring your real one. I can help you with that."

"And why would I trust you, Gabriel. You haven't fallen."

Gabriel, the Archangel, the Trickster, shrugged and pushed off from the column he was leaning against. "Might as well have. I've been hanging around on this planet for two thousand years watching it teeter on the edge of destruction for all that time. Time to give it a push."

Lucifer gave his brother a cool look and shook his head. "I can obtain Sam on my own."

"Sure, you do that." With a smirk, Gabriel disappeared.

Lucifer summoned and slaughtered the demons who had allowed Gabriel past the wards, then put his brother out of his mind.


A week later Gabriel appeared in the woods outside Jamestown where Lucifer was overseeing the raising of the colonial dead.

"What do you want, Gabriel?" Lucifer asked as he continued to draw a sigil on a tree.

"I told you, to help."

"And I don't believe you. You, the messenger of God, would go against him? Go against Michael and the Host?"

"Haven't you heard? Daddy's gone walk-about, and Michael and the rest of them can get bent."

"Go away, brother."

Gabriel sighed and pointed to the tree. "You missed a squiggle," before he flittered away.

Examining his workmanship, Lucifer frowned and made the correction, and the first ghost rose screaming.


This time Lucifer came upon Gabriel first, on a deserted, cold beach in Massachusetts. As snow flurried down, they faced each other, neither bothered by the snow or cold.

"We're you looking for me?"

"Hardly," Lucifer snorted. "You know what is buried in the dunes here as well as I do."

"Have plans for the cup, huh?"

"The Grail can be used for corruption as well as beneficence

Gabriel turned and pointed down the beach. "Half a mile that way, at least sixty feet down, chest of gold and all that shit."

Frowning, Lucifer reached out and grabbed his brother's shoulder, spinning him back around. "Why are you helping me?"

"I just want this to end. You have a better shot at it than Michael. Dean's a stubborn dick. Sam, on the other hand, is broken. Get him, get it over with. End this stupid, annoying world."

Shaking his head in confusion, Lucifer was the first to leave, returning to his headquarters to organize a retrieval party for the Grail, and to brood over his confusing brother.


"If I trust you..."

Gabriel's expression didn't change, just remained cool and calculating.

Sighing, Lucifer beckoned his brother over to his desk. "Where is he?"

"He's hidden from me, too, Luc, but I can find him. Meanwhile, you're burning through that body too fast. Let me help you with that, and take some of your burden. What are you working on?"

"You gave me the Grail," Lucifer said hesitantly. "Hidden from everything angelic and demonic it would have taken me weeks to find it on that beach, but I still don't trust you."

"You've got, what, about a month left on that vessel at the pace you're going? Let me lead your army and you preserve your strength. Give me something not too vital, a test, and if I betray you, you can rip my wings from me feather by feather."

Lucifer's eyes narrowed. "You'd give me your grace?"

"Well, not willingly, but if I'm really tricking you, you're still stronger than me, brother. Even in that wasting vessel, you can take me. But, since I'm not tricking you, it's all moot."

"You've learned to lie so well over the millennia, Gabriel."

"Yep," he admitted honestly.

Shaking his head, Lucifer demanded, "Three tests," and laid out the first one.


Gabriel passed that test--a minor zombie raising that any higher level demon could handle--and the next test, which was bringing Lucifer the remains of an aborted fetus from a nun to be used in a particularly nasty spell--not as easy to do.

He showed no emotion when Lucifer laid out the final test.

"With it I'll find him."

Gabriel shrugged and blinked out of the room.


Handing over the book stolen from the papal library, Gabriel grinned. "Easy peasy."

"You know that somewhere in this book is a spell to see past the Enochian sigils hiding the Winchesters."

"If you can find it and decipher it. I couldn't find it at a glance, but, yeah, it's supposedly in there."

Lucifer was silent for a moment, fingering the ancient leather, then nodded in decision. "All right. I'll trust you, Gabriel. With this spell, I won't need you to find Sam for me, but you can do something else while I rest my vessel. It's time to raise Famine."

"Oh good, more candy for me if everyone's starving and not eating. What's the plan." He clapped his hands together and gave his older brother an open grin.


Gabriel knocked on a door and when it was opened by Sam, he gave him a triumphant grin. "I'm in. He trusts me," he crowed as he entered the room.

"Yeah, 'cuz you gave him the freaking Holy Grail and a spell to find us," Dean snarled from one of the motel room beds.

"The Grail is useless to you and only a minor inconvenience for us when Lucy uses it, and he has to find the spell and translate it first and it's hidden by magics stronger than you've ever faced," Gabriel replied with a roll of his eyes. "More importantly, he's sending me to raise Famine so you can be there to stop me without risking yourselves to him. His vessel is on its last legs. If we can stop Famine and keep him from finding the spell, he's not going to be able to hold onto that body much longer."

"And once he is in his original form, his power is greatly diminished," Castiel added, a slight, pleased smile on his face.

"And I can confront him and use Michael's sword to kill him once and for all."

Dean scowled at his brother. "I don't like that it's you."

"I can withstand his true appearance. You'd be eyeless in seconds."

"Just don't say the word 'yes' to him in any context."

Sam rolled his eyes and the bickering began.

Leaning against a wall, arms crossed over his chest, Gabriel smirked in general happiness. When Sam gave him that look that said they'd be getting their own motel room when Dean stopped bitching, he again felt vindicated in his choice of siding with the humans in the whole messy apocalypse and spying on Lucifer. Sam did this amazing thing with his tongue...



Jan. 17th, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)
Is there any more? This is great, I love the idea of Gabriel pulling the wool over Lucy's eyes and siding with the Winchesters. And Sam's tongue, I can only imagine ♥.


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