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A Trickster and an Archangel

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Welcome to a Trickster and an Archangel: Gabriel
A community focused on fanworks and discussion about the Archangel Gabriel.


The rules here are simple.
1. Be excellent to each other.
2. Be aware of spoilers. While this community itself is a spoiler for episode 5x08, be aware that your fellow fans might not have seen past that episode or are aware of spoilers from interviews, conventions, and commercials.
3. Be respectful of peoples flist. Use lj-cuts, standard font, and standard color. Keep all images over 300 x 300 under a cut.
4. Be respectful of the actors.
5. Be on topic. Keep all discussion and fanwork to Richard Speight Jr. and his character.

Posting Guidelines

Remember all fanworks must be about Gabriel. Please lock fanmixes and other downloads.

You do not need to warn for slash or het. We would like you to use the label section to list 'kinks' (ie consensual bondage, consensual blood play, etc) since we do not believe peoples lifestyle choices need to be warned for. This is not a requirement.

If you're worried that by warning you will spoil your fic (or believe that your summary will spoil an episode) please use this code as outlined by amadi here:

For fanfic:

Other fanworks:


Please tag for pairing, rating, and fanwork type.